FC Tương Lai: Background

FC Tuong Lai


  • 18 years in Vietnam – 15 years in Hue
  • Vast experience in football for children and youth


Anders Krystad is the Director of FC Tuong Lai, and has 18 years of experience of football in Vietnam. Before 2001 he was the Director of Vålerenga Fotball, a Premier League club in Norway, and then worked for the Football Association of Norway as consultant. In Vietnam he was the Director of the project Football for All in Vietnam (FFAV) for over 16 years. He is a standing member of the AFC Grassroots Panel, and frequently have assignments on their behalf. He has moved permanently to Hue and is married there. By profession a teacher and have also studied marketing and law.


Le Dinh Chung is the Technical Director of FC Tuong Lai, and he is a former professional football player for Huda Hue (Active career from 1996 – 2006). Since 2006 he has been in charge of the Technical Department of FFAV. He has completed the AFC’s A, B and C licenses in football coaching, as well as having achieved The FA (England/UK) International Coaching Certificate and FIFA Women Football Coaching Certificate. He has performed a vast number of football coaching courses for FFAV. He has also participated in Leadership, Project Management, Monitoring & Evaluation etc. courses. He has a degree from the Sports University of Tu Son, Physical Education Pedagogics.


Working for FFAV they have started over 200 football clubs in primary and secondary schools in Thua Thien Hue province, with over 18.000 club members. More than 300 tournaments and festivals have been held annually since the first club was started in 2004. FFAV have besides the fun football delivered over 50 players to Vietnam Football Federation’s academy in Hanoi. They know how to balance the fun grassroots football with the professional development of players.


Chung’s and Anders’ statement:


“Together we have a dream to create the best football club in Vietnam, FC Tuong Lai. We want to serve the football loving people of Vietnam by providing modern football, in which the players dreams, needs, ambitions and fun are the main focus.”

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FC Tuong Lai – Football For All!


  • All who want to play should be able to do so
  • No discrimination
  • Open and inclusive
  • Boys and girls


Our vision is Football for All, which simply means that anyone who wants to play the game, should be able to do so. We don’t care if you are male or female, if you are young or old, if you have a disability or not, if you come from a rich or poor family, or if you are Buddhist, Christian or non-believer. We don’t care if you only want to play for fun, or if you ambitions to become the next Quang Hai or Hong Son. We have a duty to accommodate you.


FC Tuong Lai accepts no discrimination in any form, we want the football to be open and inclusive for all.


If you love playing football, you are welcome.

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Age groups

FC Tuong Lai – Training groups




  • 4-6


Primary school:


  • 7-8
  • 9-10
  • 11-12


Secondary school:


  • 13-14
  • 15-16


High school:


  • U19


FC Tuong Lai try to have as little age difference as possible in the training and matches. When possible, we have a maximum of 2 years age difference in the training groups or teams. This is to avoid too high physical difference. We also have separate training groups for male and female for the same reason. The exception is only for girls who have an extraordinary talent. Their development might benefit from getting tougher matching.


The maximum number of players in each training group should not exceed 20.

Social responsibility

FC Tuong Lai – Non profit


  • All surplus reinvested in FC Tuong Lai Football club
  • Fees based on real costs
  • Transparency


FC Tuong Lai is a registered Grassroots football club, but the football activities are strictly non for profit. All surplus revenue will be reinvested in the football. The fmembership fees to play for FC Tuong Lai is set based on real costs, and financial reports and statuses will be posted online on our website for all to see.  We will follow the principle of 100% transparency in these matters.



FC Tuong Lai – Social responsibility


  • Children from poor families and sicial centers can still play : free of charge
  • Clinics offered to Social Centers
  • Open for children with disabilities
  • Products checked ethically, no child labor


FC Tuong Lai want to be a positive contributor to the society in which we are operating. We are well aware of the social challenges existing in Vietnam, and that not all can afford the fees asked for participating. We therefore have decided that up to 5 children from poor households can participate in each training group/team for free. All that is needed is to provide the club with approved documentation from government that the family is deemed poor.


We will offer free football clinics for Hue’s Social Centers once per month. We have worked with these centers for many years, and we are well connected with these centers leaders. All of them have football clubs, and our aim is to develop them further.


Most disabled players in Hue city are playing for CLB Bong Da Trung Tam Van The My, and we will cooperate closely with them. FC Tuong Lai Football club is also open to receive disabled player directly, and our coaches have good knowledge in working with people with various disabilities.


As for our suppliers, we demand a certain ethical standard, such as environmental friendly, no child labor etc.


Various issues affecting peoples lives such as traffic safety, environment, health etc. will be addressed in our communication towards players, parents and local society. This will be done through good practices, through banners and other means of communication and through our coaches directly addressing the players.


It is our ambition to contribute to the socio-economic development of Vietnam.

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